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important for the public to continue to monitor the situation in your local community. listen to your state and local officials, follow instructions. the more you follow the instructions, the more they can deal with situation. next obviously i want to talk about the extraordinary hardship. seen over the past 48 hours. our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families to of lost loved ones. unfortunately there have been fatalities as a consequence of hurricane sandy, and it's not clear that we have counted up all the fatalities at this point. obviously this is something that is heartbreaking for the entire nation, and we certainly feel profoundly for the families who have been uprooted and will be going through some very tough times over the next several days, perhaps weeks and months. the most important message i have for them is that america is waiting. we are standing behind you, and we will do everything we can to help you get back on your feet. earlier today i had a conversation with the governors, and many of the mayors in the affected areas, including gov. christie, cuomo, and bloom
with local libyans. requests for extensions of more security by the mission in libya appeared to have often been rejected or even officials in washington told diplomats in libya cannot even to make them. or if you make them they will not be supported. we know the tragedy in benghazi ended as it did. we now know that it was caused by a terrorist attack that was reasonably predictable to eventually happen somewhere in the world, and especially on september 11. in closing, as secretary clinton has impanel a blue- ribbon board to fully investigate what occurred, it is much broader for us and for that panel to take up an additional challenge. there are hundreds and hundreds of facilities similar to this around the world. there are thousands of personnel serving this country who at any time in any country could be a target. some of those are high risk and obvious like libya. others may be lower risk. this committee is dedicated to ensure that security is taken differently than it was leading up to the events here. we owe it to our federal employees who put themselves and their families in harm's
choose accelerate the recovery from the recession? >> i am focused on the local. i would start with the local. i see this the district for the lens of a teacher. i would be looking at these counties as 39 separate entities as many different communities and want to make sure i help each of the maximize their potential by creating jobs. i have spent the last year and have laying out my plan for lairs of economic opportunity. i carry my football with because i talk about creating another lawyer of the bio-8, may. >> those watching us may wonder what that has to do with a football. >> and a car that drove appear tonight came off the line in detroit. there are plastic bottles or using hog manure to make asphalt -- we can make whatever we need within 100 miles of this community. >> what needs to be done to stimulate the economy in congress? >> it is clear what i have done. i introduced the first piece of legislation that laid the foundation for by a diesel. i extended the tax credits so ethanol could grow. are represented #one renewable energy producing district in north america. fro
interest deduction, the charitable deduction, the state and local property tax deduction. realized that as much as we want to make the code more efficient, these provisions were two essential to middle-class households. we have to abide by the same principle today. if we seek to protect the expenditures that are most essential to the middle-class, we still hope to reduce the deficit and we will need to find alternative revenue sources. this leads to the second principle of this new model for tax reform -- the tax rate for the highest earners should probably return to clinton-era levels and stay somewhere around there. this will come as heresy to some of those on the other side who not only wish to extend the current rate in the upcoming lame duck session but also about to cut rates even further in tax reform. these folks believe cutting the top rate as low as 25% is a necessary ingredient to spur an economic recovery. a congressional research service analysis released last month suggests otherwise. they are impartial and in a survey, the last 65 years of fiscal policy in america, t
is crucial to how al qaeda is evolving and the way it is using local insurgencies. before i went to yemen, some colleagues encouraged me to look at the drone issue, as well. not just a question of how al qaeda interfaces with indigenous tribes. there were two arguments. the human rights committee was making the arguments that drone strikes are the approximate cost of al qaeda's effort in yemen. there are numbers to back that. the operational capacity since 2009. on the national security side, i had colleges said, let's figure out if our drone strikes are helping us to deal with a terrorist challenge. when i got to yemen, i interviewed for the tribal and religious leaders. i found both of these narratives we had in washington, that the drone strikes helping us set up in yemen and they are causing the growth of al qaeda in yemen had no relation to what is happening on the ground. what i did find is that al qaeda's recruiting is not driven by a u.s. drone strikes. not ideology or religion. it is driven by desperation. yemen's live in $60 economies. in a region that is cut off from the rest o
to be bipartisan, we knew it had to be a partnership between the fog roll government and local communities, local businesses, small and large alike. we stepped up and did it. now, my point is says that my vote was on american, an american. to me, that a vote was doing my job to fight for their jobs. >> i would like to think nbc and the aarp and everyone is viewing and tonight. my name is josh mandel and i'm running for the u.s. senate. i am running for the senate because washington is broken. here in ohio, one in every four children is in poverty. this is unacceptable. in order to change washington, we have to change the leaders we said there. over the next hour, i look forward to having an opportunity to tell you about my specific jobs plan to bring new jobs right here to the state of ohio. unfortunately, in washington, things are broken when it comes to economic development, when it comes to growing the economy right here in the state of ohio. i believe washington can take a little lesson from what we have done here in ohio. look at the state treasurer's office. we have earned the highest rate
the schwarzenegger institute does not abandon states and local government and county commissions. we have to work together with the legislature. we have to balance the budget or we go to jail. maybe that is how some got there. so by partisanship -- bipartisanship athens. i worked with arnold when we were governors on clean energy. on climate change. we were ahead. immigration -- with charlie on health care. by the way, john and i came to the congress, said the same time. we worked on navajo issues and creating a federal boxing commission and native american issues with tom daschle. i think this is a good issue -- panel. the states, there are laboratories ofbi partisanship -- bi partisanship that the government can learn from. maybe this institute can figure that out. >> pick up on that. it is true. governors are practical, they have to do that, but you ought to have the national governors' association where you do seem to come together more -- you also have the national governors' association, reducing to come together more. >> when you give responsibility as an executive, i say this, having serv
that but i think that was federal money. that is up to local governments that we have cut law enforcement because of deep budget cuts. the last two highway patrol schools have been cancelled. i think there lost around 200 positions. anything we do is an unfunded mandate and i would talk to the highway patrol and consider it >> based upon the recent decisions of the court and it will probably go all the way to the supreme court again, i don't think it is needed at this point in time let's wait until those are challenged. as a mayor and the governor, i am sworn to uphold the constitution of north carolina but also sworn to uphold the constitutional laws of the united states of america. as mayor, federal laws were enforced by our local police. if federal law enforcement officials saw something that was local law being broken, they have the authority to hold a person over. there has to be coordination whether it is a federal bank robber or local police help the feds. i'm a big supporter of the 287g effort to use that. one of the problems we have now with a legal emigration, we don't know the
the economy? >> i said i am focused on the local and i start with the local. i see the world as this district -- with teachers. i see my job much as i would on the first day of school. i would look at these counties as 39 entities and would make sure that they all maximize their potential. i have laid out my plan for layers of economic opp ortunity. i carry a football with me to create another level of the bio- economy, within 10-15 miles of small towns. >> many wonder about the football? >> it is made of soybeans. and most cars are from detroit and the seats are made of this. with plastic bottles or using this to create asphalt. we can make that within 10-15 miles. >> in 2013-2014, what will stimulate the economy? >> i introduced the first piece of legislation for biodiesel and represent the biggest renewable energy. out ofent has to ge tout oet the way so entrepreneurs can have their way. what the government needs to do is have a low, stable, predictable tax rate. we have to lower our regulation burden. when i was in business, 43 agencies regulated my trade. there is not a single company th
only had a high school allocation. -- education. she ended up being the vice- president of a local bank. she ended up living along by choice. -- living alone by choice. the reasonshe could be independent because of social security and medicare. she worked all of her life, and understood there was basic floor under which she could not go. the name "entitlements" implies some sense of dependency on the part of these people. these are people who have worked hard. like my grandmother and there are millions of people out there who are counting on us. my approach is to say how do we strengthen the system of the long term? in medicare, what we did was we said we are going to have to bring down the costs if we are going to deal with our long-term deficits. to do that, let's look at where some of the money is going. $716 billion we were able to save by no longer overpaying insurance companies and making sure we are not overpaying providers and using that money we were able to lower prescription drug costs by an average of $600. we were able to make a significant dent in providing them the kind o
that john kennedy was shot. shortly thereafter, i received a letter from local democrats inviting me to talk about issues and how to address them. i remember bill tell me about my to promote my issues i need to find a candidate to promote them. and then get the votes to elect them. of course, bill was right. political activity began in 1964 with the secretary of the local county democratic party. in 1965, a gathering of local democrats were at the door. federal office holders were allowed to participate in partisan politics. the group included judge francis done, judge fred, both of whom had been appointed by president kennedy. none of another member was mike sherman who served as the first campaign chairman in 1956. he was later elected the mayor of ssu fallsioux falls. much of the heavy lifting was done by his chief of staff. his son christopher is here with us tonight. judy harrington arrived in 1973. she said of constituent field offices in six cities. one person per office. in those days, we shared an office with the staff. i went to work and the senate staff in 1975. i was privileged t
of federal authorities and the assistance of our state and local partners, most of these individuals have been arrested or have been -- or have surrendered. charges include health care fraud, conspiracy to commit health care fraud, wire fraud, violations of the anti-kickback issues, identity theft, and money laundering. these charges are based on fraudulent activities involving treatment and services that were medically unnecessary or, in some cases, never actually rendered, ranging from home health care and mental health services to psychotherapy, physical and occupational therapy, durable medical equipment services, and the largest ambulance a fraud scheme ever prosecuted by the medicare fraud strike force. such activity not only siphons taxpayer resources, drive up costs and jeopardized the strength of the medicare program, they also victimize the most vulnerable members of our society, including the elderly, disabled, and impoverished americans. unfortunately, we allege many of those charged not only broke the law but violated their professional obligations and sacred oath as medical
, we have the worst civil rights violation in mississippi and the correction in the local and state government in mississippi. lives are being hurt. children are being kidnapped. i was very motivated to your mitt romney talk about the first amendment. >> we will get a couple more calls. back to our twitter stream. -- her ee is one this one says -- ours go to a caller on democrat line. go ahead. caller: i am a registered democrat. i am on a fixed income. i worry about our medicare and social security. people are on fixed incomes and depend on social security and medicare. i will vote for mitt romney. i feel that he is the one to straighten out this country and the mess that it is in. i voted for a bomb at of years ago and i am very disappointed in him -- obama four years ago and i am very disappointed in him. >> what made you decide to vote for mitt romney? >> i think he is the only one who could really get us out of this position that we are in. it can go on like this. i am against obama for what he did and taking 4 $5 billion out of our medicare system and putting it into obamacare
shed a lot of public- sector jobs to this very difficult economic time, both local and state. we are beginning to shed federal jobs. it is not all in the employees we need to shed. we do not want to contract everything. that is why i supported a federal cap on spending. i am number50. i have worked to bring down federal spending. it is very important. we need to cut taxes for small businesses. i have done both of those. the st. louis home builders came to me and said, they will put an new rule on us. can you help us with this regulation the are proposing? i went to work. there was an honor is a requirement on them during this difficult time in the economy. -- there was an unreasonable requirement on them during this difficult time in the economy. we need of the discipline to spend less money in the federal government. >> thank you, senator. congressman akin, please respond. >> i understand small-business says. the come to my office in droves. they all have the same story. the only thing that changes is a particular federal agencies that are giving them such a hard time. everyone
that participates in the community to help the little league or the local church to give people summer jobs, some philanthropies sometimes, and we do that everywhere. we do almost $200 million per year. corporate responsibility around the environment. we go into lots of cities and we help them grow economically to create jobs, help the environment. we do a tremendous amount for education and veterans. we have hired -- thank you, veterans -- 4800 veterans in teh last 18 months or so. 17 companies have hired 70,000 veterans. a lot of people of taare talkin. we're doing. we try to participate. healthy, vibrant company makes all this possible. with a dying company, none of this is possible. if i did not make the customers happy, there is no anything else. i have never separated them. in that, we will be making mistakes. that may go back to this issue one more time. we have something like $15 billion exposure to hedging and stuff like that. you could easily tell me to get that down. we have been in spain for over 100 years. if you are italy, how would you feel it jpmorgan cuts and runs? do not be a fa
in america. >> it has been reported that a common practice among many local law enforcement agencies is to call the u.s. border patrol when a person is pulled over and can only speak spanish. immigrant rights groups say the border patrol agents don't just provide interpretation, they often question and arrest people who are here without documentation. they say that such actions by the border patrol is often racial profiling, and it raises serious concerns about violations of the federal civil rights act. should this common practice continue? should this be the role of the u.s. border patrol? mr. baumgartner? >> the first thing we ought to do is teach more of our law enforcement officer spanish so they can communicate directly. i think that everybody should learn multiple languages in a global economy. my french is not as good as it used to be. one of the reasons i met my wife in afghanistan was because of the language she spoke. our immigration system needs a lot of work. it has been one of the failures of washington, d.c., at over 12 years because rather than solve it, it has been m
? this should be something that gets ferreted out at the local level, at the state level, not at the national level. there are only a couple voices being heard here, and it is tweedle dee and it is tweedle dum. it is two candidates talking about who is going to spend so much medicare, when you and i put in three times more than what you get out. it is not sustainable. yet, it is indicative of our federal government today, which is on an unsustainable path, the results of with are going to be an monetary collapse unless we actually bring this under control. as a third party candidate i have been given the opportunity here to make the case that's not being made by either of the two major candidates. >> thank you, governor. quheers cheers [applause] >> a lot of people asked me why i would consent to do this. one, i like moderating, and two, i like asking questions, even though i didn't ask these questions. they were submitted. and three, i think these people deserve a lot of credit for coming forward. it is easy to sit back and watch. they are counting today, and they deserve to be heard. [appla
with education. communities are stretching and struggling to pay for local schools. many costs are based on awhat should the role of the federal government be in local education? >> i work very hard to provide the tools and resources to our community to get funding for new schools and i am proud of that. very supportive of the new issues that are been initiated. we are doing a lot and i never voted for a mandate. it is one of the things that is killing communities like springfield and everybody in western massachusetts and throughout our great state. it is the high cost of education that is driving the train. just go back because i have time, student interest rates, the bottom line is that you cannot rewrite my record. we made sure we did without raising taxes. constant criticisms on the fact that i do not want to raise taxes on many americans. we did it without raising taxes by tweaking federal programs. and finding a way to do it better. when it comes to jobs and jobs creation, i worked very hard as a state senator and continue to work with the community college. we found at a community college
of -- getting rid of early voting but they said if local commissions want to do it, they can do it we democrats, we said sure, let everybody vote. then the republicans in this county said no, we want long voting lines because maybe some of the democrats will go home. this was not complicated, but they lost in court. thank god somebody believes that we should not do anything to restrict the americans' right to vote. look, this election is coming down to the end. after the last debate, it is pretty straightforward. president obama says the choice is whether you what my administration to have four more years -- when i came in we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, i had to stop the slide and depression, it continued for a year, we put a floor under it, and we are building the base of prosperity. romney says we messed it up, he did not fix it, throw him out, put us back in. and when you ask any question, he says see me about that after the election you have to understand. i am a jobs guy. i am a jobs guy. i am a jobs guy. what about this, see me after the election? would you have signed the lily ledb
, but i like the idea of more local control in decision making for how we support education. i also like the idea of federal dollars following the student. i like to see more flexibility for states to choose things and parents choose things for them. i like senator cantwell, i support public charter schools -- unlike center can't well, i support public charter schools. >> education is so important. as someone who went to school on financial aid and was the first person to graduate from college, i understand this. you registered with early childhood education. i want to make sure that we don't have a ryan budget that would essentially cut some of our most essential programs. i want to invest in early childhood education. then in the k-12 system, i am focused to continue science, technology, engineering, and math. some of the best advancements i have seen in our state are at the mead school district in spokane, or in the tri-cities or the evergreen school district in southwest washington or in highline, the aviation high- school. they are reinventing the way that education works. they are
of education, the biggest increase ever so that local property tax payers could have a break and we could put more money into schools. i increased the money for the university of wisconsin. i set up vocational programs for individuals that are not going to university, for skills training, so that individuals can become a plumber, whatever the case may be. because that is the jobs out there that are going because we do not have the individuals that are skilled to do it. math and science is absolutely important and we have to put the dollars, encourage individuals to go into those programs, because that is our future, ladies and gentlemen. that is what i am dedicated to do. pell grants is one way we can do that. >> it is time for closing statements. we flipped a coin to determine the order. congresswoman baldwin chose to go last. >> thank you very much. thank you for the audience. it has been a spirited debate. our country has some serious problems. we are $16 trillion in debt, $10 trillion of that is while my opponent has been in congress. we are over the gross national product, which means th
republican at the top of the ticket but i would guess you voted democrat in your local elections and that's an important demographic. if the president does well, a lot of rural areas but who has directly vote top of the ticket republican. but if he can hold his own, he can hold the state. >> but me get your take on foreign-policy issues. that was the topic earlier this week. this is front-runner -- this is from twitter. there were e-mail's saying there was a militant group responsible for that attack. s play in florida? guest: first of all, the president did extremely well and am the first in line to say he did not do well on the first day but he's done exceedingly well on the second two debates. what you saw on the debate on foreign policy was the ever- changing mitt romney, the etch a sketch mitt romney changing his position. he said at no time line in afghanistan. now he says he likes the idea of a time line and we have to get out quickly. but at the end of the day, the accumulation of what the american people saw in that debate was pretty much the romney saying me to to obama's policy
as a whip. she worked her way up to be the vice president of a local bank. she hit the glass ceiling. she trained people who would end up becoming her boss during the course of her career. she did not complain. that is not what you did in that generation. this is one of the reasons why the first bill i signed was named after this amazing woman who had been doing the same job as a man for years, found out she was getting paid less, and the supreme court said she should have found out about it earlier. she had no way of finding out about it. we fixed that. that is an example of the kind of advocacy we need because women are increasingly the breadwinners in the family. this is not just a woman's issue. it is a family issue, a middle- class issue. that is what you have to fight for it. it also means we have to make sure young people like yourself are able to afford a college education. governor romney talked about making pell grants, other education acceptable for young people. the truth of the matter is that is exactly what we have done. we expanded pell grants for millions of people, includ
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)

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